Restaurant Ludwigs im Hotel Krone Tübingen

Uhlandstube menu

Our philosophy

Our head chef's foremost concern is freshness! That is why we are careful when it comes to choosing our suppliers and selecting the food which we order, preferably sourced directly from our region. Only the best quality, freshest items are enough for our requirements. Only with perfect produce can our team of chefs can create exquisitely fresh, wonderfully delicious meals for you. Let us indulge you!

Our wine cellar

We are unfortunately unable to show you our wine cellar for structural reasons. Our traditional hotel still has an old walled vaulted cellar, where the base walls date from 1721, which provides the perfect place in terms of climate and humidity for storing our fine wines. Our quality wines are presented along with regional wines of various grape types and there is an extensive range of international wines. We are happy to advise you.

Unsere Speisekarte

Unser Restaurant ist wegen Umbau-Arbeiten ab dem 15.Juli bis Mitte September geschlossen.