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A day trip to Stuttgart

State capital and trade fair city Baden-Württemberg - well worth a visit

During a holiday in Tübingen you get to experience the exciting contrast between a leisurely-paced university town and the action of the nearby city, since the capital of Baden-Wurttemberg and its many sights is just a half hour drive away.

The cultural, leisure and natural centre of Baden-Württemberg

During a day trip to Stuttgart there is a wide range of leisure activities on offer, whether it is a trip to the prestigious museums and galleries, to Markthalle Stuttgart, to Disney’s musical Tarzan or Zoo Wilhelma. These attractions and many more are available in the capital of Baden-Wurttemberg. With your partner, family, with friends or work colleagues visit the special figurehead of the sixth largest city in Germany – the 217 metre high television tower, which has been standing for over 60 years, and its panorama restaurant. From there you get to enjoy a fantastic view to the city below and to the vineyards in the Neckar Valley. When it isn’t cloudy your gaze is also drawn to the more distant points, like the idyllic Swabian Jura, to the Schwarzwald and Odenwald.

In Markthalle Stuttgart as well as the fascinating art nouveau style building your gaze is also drawn to the many colourful stalls and the goods being sold by the various traders. Fresh, high quality produce, tempting treats and a breath-taking view to the sky through the glass roof guarantee a special shopping experience in Stuttgart.

Much like in Tübingen - as seat of knowledge – for those of you who have an interest in culture, there are many insightful museums in Stuttgart which invite you to come and enjoy an informative visit. In Linden Museum you can find out about various peoples and their cultural history. Exhibits on Far Eastern countries, Africa, the Orient, America and Oceania provide true-to-life insights into the cultures of the respective peoples. For instance you could pay a visit to the Japanese teahouse which is true to the original or to the Afghan Bazar street.

In Landesmuseum Wurttemberg, whose rooms can be found in the Old Castle in Stuttgart, is an outstanding museum presenting the cultural history of Wurttemberg. With more than 1000 exhibits you get to follow the historic tracks of this region back some 80,000 years. The special highlight in this museum is the ‘Kunstkammer’ (art chamber) which accommodates treasures from the former Dukes of Wurttemberg. Along with historic and cultural exhibits, this museum in Stuttgart also has numerous museums dedicated to cars and their history – one of which is the Mercedes-Benz Museum, which is definitely worth a visit on account of its impressive architecture.

Tip for the Mercedes-Benz Museum

In Stuttgart you get to marvel at the first car in the world, which was named after Gottlieb Daimler’s daughter, Mercedes and which was the name given to the company. The interior in the museum has a double helix design, with the extensive development of the car company explained in the rooms therein. With no right-angles, but dynamic organisation – during this tour you get to find out about the 120 year history of the company. A real museum highlight in Stuttgart!

Natural highlights in Stuttgart and the surrounding area

Zoo Wilhelma is an ideal destination in Stuttgart to relax in the verdant surroundings on a day trip from Tübingen. Be amazed by the wonderful plants and be delighted by the many different animal species. A key attraction is the refurbished monkey house – in the extended facilities you get to observe gorillas and bonobos and their social interaction, which is similar to human interaction.

For all animal lovers and in particular horse lovers, an excursion to Gestut Marbach close to Stuttgart is a must. Just a 30 minute drive from the Swabian metropolis of Stuttgart you can take part in exciting stallion parades and presentations, visit the stud farm shop which sells regional products such as jams and mare’s milk and enjoy the landscape in the county of Ludwigsburg during a relaxing horse-drawn carriage ride. Numerous events always have something to offer, such as the horse ballet which has musical accompaniment at the Marbach Classics.

Ideally located for the trade fair area in Stuttgart

As well as being ideally located close to the downtown Stuttgart, the university town of Tübingen also scores points thanks to its perfect connections to the trade fair exhibition area in Stuttgart.

After an action-packed day in the city – whether you are in the city centre itself or in the surrounding area – you can get back to the historic and leisurely pace of town of Tübingen in just 25 minutes by car.

Enjoy the homely panache on the River Neckar and in the little streets and relax afterwards in your hotel which is located right in Tübingen’s old town area – in the Hotel Krone Tübingen. Along with a cosy spa which has panoramic views, an extensive range of foods awaits.

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