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Location service & Events

KRONE Premium Catering & Service - We celebrate with you in exclusive, exceptional and interesting locations.

Experience an evening in the summer refectory in Schloss Bebenhausen, in the Knights’ Hall or in the Regency rooms in Schloss Hohentübingen, in the unique ambience of the Tübinger Zimmertheater, or in your own lounge!

We are delighted to see to your requirements when it comes to ideas and organisation. We are able to look back on many successfully implemented events.

We already acomplished a variety of successful events.

  • Verbindungshaus
  • University of Tübigen
  • Kloster Bebenhausen
  • Company celebrations
  • Schloß Hohentübingen

Erleben Sie kulinarische Genüsse an außergewöhnlichen Orten:

Kloster Bebenhausen

Schloss Hohentübingen

Universität Tübingen