Punt rides in Tübingen

Tranquil and adventure-packed moments on the Neckar

The water reflects the sunshine and ripples as soon as a boat breaks the waves. A gentle breath of wind soothes your soul, a magical moment, whether it is for you alone or there are people round about you. Unique moments in Tübingen come true, from a completely different perspective.

Natural highlights in Stuttgart and the surrounding area.

During your holiday in Tübingen enjoy a relaxing time out in the midst of the wonderful university town with a punt ride on the River Neckar. Let your gaze be drawn over the Old Town of Tübingen and enjoy the views to the famous Houmllinturm, the emblem of the town of Tübingen.

An unforgettable and wonderful time. Fun on the water has not always been available to everyone, at one time it was the leisure activity of a chosen few who had a punt, for instance Tübingen’s student associations. It was around 25 years ago that punt rides provided an unforgettable experience for visitors to and people who live in Tübingen alike.

Individual boat tours to suit you

Whatever you prefer, as well as the classic punt ride you can also enjoy a delightful boat tour and a culinary experience, for instance by combining the two with some wine tasting. During an idyllic trip on the Neckar you get to sample exquisite wines from Baden-Wurttemberg and from Tübingen itself. You can also glean interesting information about winegrowing in Tübingen, and sample local grape varieties. There is also something for when you get hungry on between meals. A great ambience and relaxing atmosphere ensue with ease. .

Our tip – as our guest in the Hotel Krone Tübingen you get the chance to enjoy a gourmet ride in a punt. After an informative day you can enjoy delicious food on the River Neckar while enjoying the unique views to the Old Town area of Tübingen.

One special highlight is the exciting punt race organised by the university students’ association which takes place every year. Ideal for anyone who is interested in a special kind of entertainment on a level playing field. Be right there when teams show-off their costumes and proceed to compete in the races dressed as superheroes or Scheiks. As part of a larger group, during a day-time or with romantic torchlights at night, a journey in a punt is always a very special social highlight in Tübingen. If you would like to take the helm of a boat yourself, there are also lots of row boats and pedalos available at the Neckar bridge. For special moments during your holiday in Tübingen.

Relaxing in the Hotel Krone Tübingen

After this incomparable experience your stylish room, or cosy suite in the City Hotel Krone Tübingen awaits, providing a perfect way to relax and unwind afterwards. Or you could pay a visit to the wellness area in the hotel which has a sauna, relaxation couches, sun terrace and the like. Impressive panoramic views over the city and the Neckar await and you get to take a look at the route which you have covered by boat. Whatever you ultimately decide on – there are many opportunities available for you to enjoy a unique and relaxing holiday in the Hotel Krone Tübingen.

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