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Sights in Tübingen & the surrounding area

Home of poets like Friedrich Hölderlin and Hermann Hesse, hub of knowledge, romantic monasteries, stately homes and castles in idyllic surroundings and with unique scenery - Tübingen and its surrounding area has numerous sights to offer visitors.

A museum town in Baden-Württemberg

As well as the most well-known and wonderful museums in Tübingen Old Town, like the museum of the university and the municipal museum, there are also innovative museum experiences available for visitors to the culturally charged city in Baden-Wurttemberg. Experience old-timers up close - in Boxenstop, on the outskirts of Tübingen’s Old Town, centrally located in the Tübingen’s university district. The Boxenstop car and toy museum is home to a variety of old-timers, sports cars and toys. It is also a popular adventure realm in Tübingen; a museum without barriers. Car lovers and tinkerers will be inspired!

In Schloss HohenTübingen, which sits in an elevated position on the edges of the Old Town area above the the city centre of Tübingen, you will find concentrated knowledge, over an area of 2000 m2. Whether it is early hominid artefacts, well-maintained evidence of Egyptology, significant recent knowledge and archaeological findings and contemporary art; there is exciting information on offer here to suit every area of interest. In the adjoining university museum there are numerous collections about the history of mankind and culture. Experience the educational variety on offer in an architecturally impressive building which provides a unique view across the university town of Tübingen.

Romantic moments during a holiday in Tübingen

During your holiday in Tübingen you get to experience romantic moments while on an excursion in the area around the university city of Tübingen. On one of the numerous guided tours through the impressive monasteries and Schloss Bebenhausen, on the outskirts of the idyllic forested region of Naturpark Schönbuch, you will be amazed by the fine architecture created by the Cistercians, combined with the regal lifestyle the Kings of Wurttemberg enjoyed at that time. You could pay a visit to the almost completely preserved kitchen in the castle, where real feasts were prepared for the noblemen after the hunts. Or, take a look at the many riches, such as the goldsmiths or the fine silver of the hunting party. Stroll through the monastery church or through the many halls, like the medieval knights’ hall or the early Gothic chapter house – where you get to feel the exciting contrasts of the various eras which have characterised the monastery and Schloss Bebenhausen.

Burg Hohenzollern is also an historically significant building and valuable cultural establishment; it was also home to the Prince and Princess of Prussia. See for yourself during an excursion to the Swabian Jura the inspiring ambience of the State Apartments and be enchanted by the many stories about the castle. There are also a wide variety of concerts, open-air cinema shows, the regal Christmas market and so much more at the magical castle buildings of Hohenzollern. For all those who enjoy fairy-tales a trip to the fairy-tale castle of Wurttemberg, Schloss Lichtenstein, is a must when you are on holiday in Tübingen. Visit the wonderful rooms, the chapel and the castle garden of the former earls and slip into the shoes of a knight, enjoying a romantic notion of what life was like for them in the 19th century. Medieval flair in Neo-Gothic style – not just an architectural dream.

Unique natural surroundings in the Tübingen region and the Swabian Jura

Close to the monastery and Schloss Bebenhausen you get to explore Naturpark Schönbuch. This park, located in the area around the River Neckar and protected by the European Union is the green lungs between Tübingen and Stuttgart. Investigate the charming natural surroundings during a hike through this uniquely beautiful nature park – a route network spanning 560 km you can just let your soul roam free in harmony with nature on a wide variety of routes. As well as being very relaxing, Naturpark Schönbuch also has a valuable contribution to play in imparting specific knowledge, with various exhibits and on various guided tours visitors get to find out so much about the local flora and fauna.

In the Geopark and in the biosphere area of the Schwabian Jura you get to find out about the history of the earth first-hand. Feel like an archaeologist and find out about fossils, unique caves and meteor craters. Extensive information points, a variety of educational trails, museums and thermal pools provide an extensive range of activities to enjoy during your holiday in Tübingen. Be amazed by the early hominid artworks such as the finely formed stone artefacts in the caves, the oldest pieces of Ice Age art in the Swabian Jura - a World Cultural Heritage site in Baden-Wurttemberg. Take a look at the unique cave formations and dripstone formations in the Nebelhohle in Sonnenbuhl along with colourful fields of flowers in bloom and the orchards in Mössingen. During your holiday in Tübingen when you are on various excursions in the Swabian Jura, you get to explore the majestic variety on offer in Baden-Wurttemberg.

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