Hotel Krone Tübingen

A traditional hotel through the centuries

Browse through the history of the Hotel Krone in Tübingen and find out about the Schlagenhauff and Stagl families

1700 - The antecedents of the Schlagenhauff family have been hosts since 1700, without exception.

1721 - There has been a hotel on the current site of the Hotel Krone Tübingen since 1721.

1885 - The Hotel Krone has been owned by the Schlagenhauff family since 1885. Karl Friedrich Schlagenhauff purchased and opened the refurbished restaurant and Cafe zur Krone on September 27th, 1885.

1919 - Son Adolf Schlagenhauff took over the business after the sudden death of his parents – at that time there were 12 guest beds.

1928 - Adolf and his wife tore down the original building, right down to the ground floor and built a contemporary hotel in Bauhaus style architecture, with 3 floors and 60 guest beds.

1945 – 1952 - In 1945, the hotel was seized by the French for use as a officer's quarters and as the headquarters of the military and secret police. The restaurant was completely seized until 1949, while the hotel was managed by Adolf Schlagenhauff on behalf of the military regimen. The Hotel Krone was finally released in 1952.

1954 - Adolf Schlagenhauff purchased the neighbouring hotel and the property was then extended to provide 71 beds and business rooms. In the same year, his son Karl Schlagenhauff returned from his apprenticeship and worked with his father until the elder‘s death in 1963.

1975 - A fourth floor was added to the original building and the hotel then provided 55 rooms with 77 beds.

1996 - After her apprenticeship, Sabine, daughter of Karl and Erika Schlagenhauff, returned to her parental home with her husband Alexander Stagl and they continued the tradition of this gastronomic dynasty.

2004 - Alexander and Sabine Stagl opened the newly built restaurant - Cafe LUDWIGs over 2 floors and with 2 terraces.

2010 - The Stagl-Schlagenhauff family celebrated their anniversary. The Hotel Krone has been family-owned for 125 years.

2014 – At the end of 2014, a further building with 20 rooms and suites, contemporary event rooms, and the Krone-City Spa was successfully completed.