The Ice Age and Fossils



The Ice Age package includes:

  • Guided tour through Tübingen
  • Entrance fee for the Museum of the University Tübingen MUT: ancient cultures
  • Wonderful picnic basket
  • Entrance fee and guide for the Laichinger Tiefenhöhle (Deep Caves)
  • Two overnight stay in a double room with breakfast, a 3-course menu, the second overnight stay consists of the following options:
    Option 1: first night  in a double room with breakfast buffet at the 4-star Hotel Krone in Tübingen, second night at the 4-star Hotel Hermann with demi-pension: 210,- per person
    Option 2: first night in a double room with breakfast buffet at the 4-star Hotel Krone in Tübingen, second night at the Hofgut Hopfenburg in a trolley with breakfast: 160,- per person

This awaits you at the Hotel Krone in Tübigen:

  • One overnight stay in a double room with breakfast buffet
  • 3-course surprise menu in Restaurant Ludwigs
  • Small guide for the city of Tübingen
  • Experience the Jura Sea while you relax in the private spa at Hotel Krone

Day 1 - Tübingen, the University city
Start your three-day adventure in one of the "youngest" medivial cities in Germany, the college town of Tübingen. Join our tour through the 1,000-year history of the narrow streets and active plazas. Indulge in the old-meets-new flair of the city with small shops, hip cafes, and beatiful works from Tübingen's master craftsmen and artists.
Your overnight stay and dinner take place in the Hotel Krone, located in the heart of the city.
Relax and recharge before the next day of exploration

Day 2 - Time Travel: The Oldest Art from Mankind
Start your morning at the Center for Prehistory, located at Castle Hohentübingen in the city center. In the museum of Ancient Cultures, view the dozens of ice-age artworks discovered in Baden-Württemberg, including the Wild Horse from Vogelherd, which dates to 32,000 years ago.

Continue  with a picnic on the green, hike the Swabian Geopark with a delicious gourmet picnic basket.
Laichinger Tiefenhöhle (Deep Caves)
In the afternoon, plunge into one of the deepest caves in the Swabian Geopark and live unforgettable moments! For families with children, the site also includes a playground and high-ropes course.

The Swabian Alps have a second suprise in store: for your night in Münsingen, you have a choice between the Biospehre-Hotel Gasthof Herrmann or the Hofgut Hopfenburg and of course you are kindly invited to stay for a second night at our Hotel Krone in the wonderful city centre of Tübingen.

Day 3 - Self-directed Time Travel

Of course there are many options for your self-directed time travel on the last day:

  • Before your travels home, we recommend a few major highlights in the Geopark. Adventure for the young and old awaits at the Vorgelherd Cave, where the Wild Horse sculpture was found. At the close of your exploration, refuel with an afternoon of grilling at the park.
  • Alternatively, place yourself in a time 180 million years ago, when the entire region was a giant sea, with a visit to the Hauff Museum of Prehistory in Holzmaden. Only 2 kilometers away in Ohmden is the Kromer shale field, a central place to find fossils.At the shale field, visitors can rent hammers and chisels to excavate their own ammonite and belemnoid fossils, as well as petrefied wood sample
  • Urgeschichtliches Museum Blaubeuren - Treasures of mankind
    Explore to the capital of prehistory. The caves at the southern border of the Swabian Alb belong to the most important Paleolithic sites worldwide. Neanderthals and Early Modern Man lived here during the last Ice Age. The Museum of Prehistory in Blaubeuren - named “urmu” - is the central museum for the finds of these region. The worldwide unique Ice Age Art is thematically introduced in Treasure Chambers, which open an entirely new approach to this mystic Ice Age Art.
  • Ulmer Museum
    The Ulm Museum Archeological Department covers a period from the time of Neanderthal man up to late medieval and early modern Ulm. Based on finds in and around Ulm, the permanent collection exhibition does not make any claims to show every period in this long historical timespan, but rather focuses on special regional elements.
    The undisputed high point of the exhibition is the unique Lion Man - one of the oldest figurative carved sculptures from anywhere in the world. The mammoth ivory figure is at least 35,000 years old.

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